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ok so… guys, I want to make a ‘help’ network.


I know lots of people who help me with my problems. Are you one of those people who will help others 24/7?

Join the ‘help’ network. If you want to be a part of it, REBLOG THIS.

You’ll be on my ‘helpers’ list. 

"Its our party we can do what we want" @mileycyrus #wecantstop #jammin

"Its our party we can do what we want" @mileycyrus #wecantstop #jammin

Anonymous asked: “I don't see you complaing about Snoop Dogg's new jamaican persona. You are setting up a double standard against white girls.”

LOL this has nothing to do with iggy being a white girl. and snoops new persona is whack as fuck too if you ask me!

“and for the record i dont hate or dislike iggy, i actually respect her and im glad that she is popping off and doing her thing!”

“and its bad enough that the song is so WHACK! omg… iggy hun i wanna like you soo bad it hurts !! but i cant.”

“can someone explain to me just why the fuck was iggy azaleas bounce video shot in India? like the song doesn’t even have an Indian vibe to it like?”

“Melody Thornton has a song on LL Cool Js new album “Authentic” cant wait to hear it!!”

“Beyonces new Single SLAYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bow Down Bitches.”

“Shysties diss track towards azealia is mad WACK !!!!!!!!! to the left bitch. what was she even saying?”

“Rita, i’m gonna need you to do better. you’re signed to a US label YET you don’t have a US album out AND you’re working on your 2nd album in the UK which is supposed to be our 1st… get it together.”